Juliacotton's Cloth Diapering Page

Hello, everyone! I am an avid cloth diapering mother of two. I love cloth diapering, mostly because cloth diapers are soft and fluffy and fun. They also happen to be cheaper, more environmentally friendly, and better for our babies' skin than disposable diapers. And, they're easy! The hardest thing about cloth diapering is researching the bazillion options available to today's parents (or maybe not quite a bazillion; I'm not sure, since I lost count at four-fifths of a bazillion). My goal in making this page is to help interested parents learn more about cloth so they can have a successful, fun experience.

Click on the links above to get started:
Cloth Diapering 101 is a basic introduction to the vocabulary you will see on cloth diapering web sites.
Cloth Diapering 102 is a more in-depth explanation of the ins and outs of decision-making.
"Just tell me what to buy!" is a quick-start guide for those of you who want to cloth diaper without doing any research.
"Parenting Tips" isn't really diapering-related, but it's a nice bonus.